job searching and long distance relationships

The Long and Short of Ending the Distance

Or: Job Searching and Long Distance Relationships It’s career fair season, and for many college seniors, that means preliminary talks with potential employers and the beginning of the interview process towards what many hope will be their future career path and the next thing they’ll be able to add to their LinkedIn profile. But I’m […]

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Uprooted: Evacuating in the Face of Hurricane Irma

“Are you sure you’re not evacuating? It’s coming right towards you.” I said to my mother and father numerous times over the course of three days, starting on Monday, September 4th, when Hurricane Irma’s eye wall was forecasted to follow Florida’s eastern coastline with nearly pinpoint accuracy. My family would be a mere 40 or […]

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Signing On

As I write this I’m sitting in my new apartment at the start of my new life, mindlessly watching Property Brothers while I attempt to place words onto paper. The idea of starting a blog, while exciting, is daunting: it’s something that I’ve considered off and on again for about three years now as I’ve […]

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