6 Ways to Beat the Procrastination Game

Alright friends, time to address the elephant in the room. I wrote this article as a way to help you all beat the procrastination game, and yet . . . did anyone notice that I posted this a day late? Guilty as charged. But sometimes, life takes a toll, and the most important thing is […]

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GIVEAWAY — Let’s Make 2018 Productive!!

GIVEAWAY — Let’s Make 2018 Productive!! That’s right y’all, you totally heard that correctly. I’m hosting my first ever giveaway on my blog for my readers and subscribers!! I literally cannot wait to share with y’all all the great things I have in store for you in 2018, but before I can do that, I […]

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How to Beat the Mid-day Burnout

Beating the Mid-day Burnout We’ve all been there. You have a deadline coming up that you absolutely have to meet, you’ve been working your butt off to get everything prepared, you’re getting less and less sleep but you’re still expected to put out the same level of work . . . and then you crash. […]

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