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The creation of Signed, Logan, or at least the inception of it, was in all honesty quite spontaneous. Born out of a long-dormant desire to be blogger and an abundance of knowledge that I wanted to use to empower others, I sat down one night at 11pm and cranked out a 4000 word document about how to succeed at your campus career fair. Well past 4am I sat in my bed and thought, well okay, what now?

I suddenly had a long document that I had put more work into in one night than I ever did into my college papers, one that I was proud of and that I wanted to share with the world, yet I had no clue what to do with it. How would I share it with others who needed the information? I had tried and failed to start a blog once before, so the idea of committing to one now was daunting, to say the least.

But I quickly realized that as daunting as it would be to create a blog that I’m proud of, it would be nothing compared to the fear by which many young women are paralyzed when it comes time to start looking for a full-time career.

And then the goal of Signed, Logan became simple: to empower young career-seeking and working women to tap into their fullest potential as candidates and employees without losing track of personal well-being and enjoyment. This mission statement can be further summed up into my tagline: Balancing Life, Health, and Hustle.

When I was career-seeking my senior year of college I completely lost track of the balance in my life. I was either researching companies and applying for positions 24/7, or I was working on my honors thesis and my multitude of extracurricular activities and completely ignoring my job search. My social life and personal health also suffered: I barely saw friends and rarely ate healthy or went to the gym, leaving me feeling unfulfilled and constantly stressed.

Now that I’m working full time and have a semblance of a regular schedule, I realize that I never want anyone to go through the same process that gave me so many burnouts due to my lack of preparation. I also want to empower young working women to take control of their lives and meet their health and personal goals with their professional aspirations always in mind.

About Logan

Hey friends, I’m so excited that you’re here! My name is Logan, and I’m your (not so standard) twenty-something young professional just starting out in her corporate career and navigating the somewhat troubled waters of newly-independent living. I’m a cafe and coffee addict who makes more Starbucks runs in a week than any self-respecting coffee lover should, with a self-proclaimed dog obsession that starts with my own three and ends with absolutely any dog that I see on the street.

I’m a born and raised Floridian (with a splash of SoCal thrown in) currently soaking up the sun (and rain) of Jacksonville in the Sunshine state, chasing after every International Studies major’s dream of living in Washington, D.C.. I have a dual degree in International Studies and French and Francophone studies (no, I’m not fluent, but I’d love to find people to practice with!) and a minor in European Union Studies from the one, the only, University of Florida (GO GATA!). During the day I work full-time as a Financial Crimes Compliance Analyst at EY,* one of the “big four” accounting firms in the US.

While I may be a career woman during the week, my favorite thing to do on the weekend is to go exploring and experience everything that my incredible city and country has to offer. Brunch is my favorite Saturday morning passtime and I’m making it my goal to explore Jax through its amazing brunch scene! During the summer you can find me soaking up the rays at the beach, and in the fall and colder months I love to go hiking in different states. My goal is to visit as many national parks as possible, when I’m not traipsing around Disney World sipping on Joffrey’s Coffee and Night Blossom Slushes, that is!

*The views expressed on this website are solely mine and do not reflect the views of my employer.

Just a twenty-something young professional thriving and surviving the wild new ride that is adult life.

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